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Places to Visit near Bordi

Some of the prominent tourist places to visit around are Bordi Beach (6.4 km), Bahrot Caves(14.3 km), Asavli Dam(14.3 km) and many more to explore. The area around Gholvad – Bordi is known for its quality Chikoo production. The area boosts several Chikoo orchards, vegetable farms and paddy fields. The area has a pre dominant Tribal population namely Warlis. Glimpses of their art and culture can be found in the padas or small tribal communities. The long stretch of coastline as you drive from Dahanu to Bordi provides you with breathtaking views of the pristine beaches. Surrounding hills and mountains of Gambhirgad(2270 ft), Bahrot(1760 ft), Asherigad(1680 ft) and Mahalaxmi(1540 ft) are trekking havens. The Mahalaxmi hilltop shrine attracts thousands of pilgrims yearly, Sai Baba temple in Narpad houses a life-size idol of the saint. The Mallinath Jain Tirth at Kosbad with its panoramic view & grand architecture is a must see. For those seeking serenity, the coast line offers numerous beaches dotted by Casuarina trees while the reservoirs of Aswali, Sakhra, Surya and Dapchari offer ideal picnic spots.